Who the *#@% do I think I am?

Constructed Realities as a point of view

To be creative is to be curious. Ideas and inspiration come from the world around us and the desire to know more about something we encounter.  

As a person who works in the creative field and educates college students to pursue careers in creative fields it in incumbent for me to be curious about the future and always do what I can to manifest the next version of the future in a way that is optimistic and equitable.

The area of expression I am most interested in, is Constructed realities.  
Things that are not as they are but, how they might be

My day job as a Product Designer involves envisioning and designing systems for products or services that span across different touch points.  

To do this, I used human-centered design process using contextual research, factual data, to identify the needs and desires of the people who will interact with the system to design experiences that are appropriate and compelling.

In short, I research facts, then make up things that don’t exist yet and create the conditions for this experience to exist in the future.

In this way, creating plausible fictions is my job. And it is also the art I enjoy creating outside of my work hours.

A word I think best describes the direction my work is taking is this:

Futuristic Uchronias
A uchronia is refers to a hypothetical or
fictional time-period of our world, in contrast to altogether fictional lands or worlds. A concept similar to an alternate history but different in the manner that uchronic times are not easily defined (mainly placed in some distant or unspecified point before current times), sometimes reminiscent of a constructed world.

The world not at it is, but how it might be

My approach to my work and creative pursuits have always been multidisciplinary. My undergraduate years were spent hopping from Fashion, theatre to Graphic Design before settling on an independently cobbled degree in a mix of Graphic Design, Art History and New Media Studies.

My thesis was on constructed realities.  Constructed realities are a genre of staged photography.  I was enchanted by the images of Cindy Sherman and Jeff Koons.  And my investigation into this work led to me to discover that as far back as the 1850’s and post-mortem photography this act of creating a reality from a fiction has existed.  

This led me to create a series of photographs that featured models posed in situations that led the viewer to presume a relationship between two unrelated  figures that based on the angle they were photographed.

When I left college in the late 1990s the internet was just becoming a thing.  My love of history and the medium of the internet inspired a series of self-created digital photos and found photos used to create short, mostly creepy and eerie stories.

In the 200s I was interested in and worked an emerging genre of internet-enabled Alternate Reality Games or ARGs.  This blending of fact and fiction and traversing between digital and physical realms has been my passion in my personal work.

In the last 5 years I have turned my attention to leadership in education and mentorship. In my next incarnation, I am refocusing attention on pursuit of multidisciplinary pursuits with explorations on futures that involve using technology to enable experiences that do require the human to be