Avalen design consulting is the company name of Design Director and design educator Aynne Valencia-Brooks. 

I specialize in new and next generation products work, R&D projects, planning, concepting, design and product strategy for new products and their supporting services.

Projects I work on:

  • Strategic product design
  • Conceptual design
  • Product strategy
  • New consumer products (including hardware UI)
  • High-level service design
  • Design direction for creative teams



things I have worked on that have shipped:  

Microsoft Messenger
Microsoft Mouse
MSN's Push to Talk Functionality
Yahoo! Groups
Two Flip Cameras
A personal finance management tool for a large bank
New line of business strategy for an educational offering
Apollo Group Tablet Application
Visa Small Business Community
McDonald's Global Web Platform
Digital strategy for a major retailer
Digital strategy for a major educational software provider
NEW: Microsoft Surface (was on the team in 2005)

Things I have worked on that are still in progress: 

Measurement & Evaluation digital tools & service design for a Global NGO
An in-flight entertainment system
A voice interface system for medical intake information