Death to Wireframes

How to limit your creativity with little grey boxes

A Medium article I wrote about wireframes,  Death to Wireframes


I hate the word wireframe. I hate this word mostly because to people who are not familiar with what XD is they get confused and associate XD with “the people who make the wireframes.” and (worst of all) the person who figures out the mess made by someone else who didn’t think through a design.

I hate it also because of the limiting way what most people think of as a wireframes limits creativity and true experience design.

Wireframes are:

  • Wireframes are schematics that are best used for on-screen experiences.
  • Grey and only account for information categorization and hierarchy
  • Linear and difficult to account for complex operations, animation, motion and anything that is dynamic.

And I dare say old school wireframes should die. Now.


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