A typeface made for creating dynamic brands

A dynamic logo is one that can morph and change its color and shape depending on the context it is used.

Some examples of these logos are the Google Logo, MTV logo, Nickelodeon, M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and AOL.

Logos like this are great for creating systems that span across multiple touchpoints and particularly great for use in video and online channels.

Where they sometimes fall apart in when seen in a static state such as the case of the 2012 London Olympics logo which was underwhelming and a bit strange seen in it’s static state.

I was seeking a font I could use for creating a static brand that was specifically designed to show video and photos within the outline of the font.

Portal is an all-caps, display typeface designed to show whatever is in the background through and provide enough framing on the outline of the font to read as a letterform.