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Luna is a form of mixed experience, or "contrived reality".  Luna is a story based on found photos, family history, places I have traveled and custom photoshoots I have held over the years. 

I have been inspired by immersive theatre and work I have done in alternate reality games (alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players' ideas or actions.).  This curiosity has led to the creation of blending these forms into the creation of a historical fiction that moves from digital medium to real life theatrical experiences that, in turn, creates reality from an entirely fictional event  
The experience is held in a hotel and guests are treated to a performance and allowed to interact lightly with the characters as the story unfolds. 


Luna is the story of a Jewish Andalusian girl who flees from the Franco regime during the Spanish Civil War in 1938 to Tangiers, Morocco.  

While in exile in Morocco, Luna meets an international troupe of traveling circus performers known as Cirque De Luna. Luna becomes friends with Indian Siamese twins Shivangi and Diya and the clown Stabilo, who was disfigured by fire when he was a young boy and wears a large mask to hide his scarred face. 

The troupe travels to the Americas settling in Mexico City.  Luna befriends an older woman known to the town for creating remedies and healing potions and teas.  She is known as a La Bruja or the witch to the town.  La Bruja takes the orphaned Luna as her protege and teaches her earth magic. 

Luna falls in love with the young Mexican Luchador wrestler Miguel who goes by the stage name El Technico. 

While on a tour, Cirque De Luna's train is delayed on a whistlestop port town in Northern California. 

The troupe spends the evening at local Hotel and entertains the locals in an impromptu performance. All goes well until a fight breaks out and El Technico is caught in the melee and killed. 

Very little is known what happened during the fateful event.  But, by the dawn,  the townspeople and the members of Cirque De Luna had vanished.  


A group of 10 people were chosen to participate in the experience. All participants were given a short questionnaire to fill out and then were emailed a dossier of the character they were given to play in the experience. Participants could be local townspeople or circus actors depending on the answers given in their questionnaire.

Participants met at a trailhead and were greeted by a guide. Their bags were loaded into a van and taken ahead to the hotel in which the guests would stay for the night.

Guests were set up in rooms to change and prepare for a dinner which begins the experience.

With funding I hope to have a repeat performance of Luna.