Glam Studio


Glam Studio was the output of a digital strategy pitch for Sephora. 

The Brief
Sephora wanted to explore how to use the iPad as a potential eCommerce Platform.

My Role
Design Strategy


Conducted design research
Spoke to 35 female Sephora customers in the target age group. I asked a series of questions centered on what brands they enjoyed using, what devices they frequently used, that apps they used most and what activities they tended to use their iPad for.

Competitive Analysis
Looked at a range of other cosmetic retailers, department stores and makeup related games. I did an analysis of what the range of offerings were, what was getting the most downloads and usage and what the nature of the features on these applications.

Organizational Research
Since this product would ideal go to market within a year, I spoke with the e commerce, point of Sale group and other people in the organization to analyze what a realistic scope for how robust the eCommerce experience could be based on the current or easily repurposed SKU features they already had. I also looked at what capabilities, bandwidth the organization could support in the timeframe allowed.

Metrics of success
Worked with the team to identify what metrics we would use to determine usage and success of the product as well as what the company hoped to get out of the investment in this channel.

A comprehensive presentation of findings, a persona of the specific customer archetype for this product channel and a series of recommendations for product, services and their rollout strategy.

The samples show a small part of the market research, customer personas from segmentation and a few of the concepts that came out of the retail digital product and service strategy.