World of Change - Visa 


The Brief: 
Our client asked us to help them with a campaign that would drive consumers to choose their product over cash.


I put together the a program concept based on leveraging a simple universal icon system and the existing charitable giving program the client already participates and created a system that would allow consumers to join in on giving. 

Consumers would opt-in to the program on the web, choose which cause they would like to affiliate themselves with.

Upon purchase one penny of the transaction would be donated to the cause of their choice. The average consumer would give less than $1.00 given per month but multiplied by the volume of donations we projected was staggering.


The program includes: 
Digital reminders tracking progress
online advertising
point of sale signage
Stickers for personal objects were developed to reinforce consumer behavior and increase likelihood of choosing the clients product over a competitors. 


The Lost Ring

Alternate-reality game 


Flash Mob

The richest interactions are the ones we have with other beings, not with things 
We have the technology, we have the capability, the connection, the information, now what are we going to do with it?

Flashmob is a simple system that allows partipants to opt-in to join spontaneous events that occur in the future. 

When an organizer is ready to initiate the event, they simply define a meeting place, specify a topic or event type and the system will automatically ping out to all opted-in users when and where to meet. 


Flashmob for iPhone
Spontaneous crowd gathering system. 
Designed and developed over a weekend , Flashmob is an experimental application that allows for spontaneous congregation.
Private 2007 Role: Visual and Interaction Design

Aynne Valencia, Concept, design
Ryan Sobel, Development
Nate Ritter, Development



Ambient Urban Wayfinding 
Concepted, designed and developed over a weekend , Heatmap is a visual urban way finder that allows users to navigate through a general feeling of an area based on multiple data inputs.
Private, 2008
Role: Concept, visual design, interaction design