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Digital Sabbath


When was the last time you had time to rest and think?

More and more our lives are filled with email, phone calls, text messages, direct messages and devices competing for our attention.  We are expected to always be on and available.  What if you could turn it all off?  What if you could set your own time to shut it all down and focus on real life? 

Introducing Sabbath

Sabbath was created to help those who observe with an easy way to move into their time of contemplation. 

How does it work?

Sign up for sabbath, link as  many accounts as you want. Set up a time and duration you want  time off from your tech and the system will take care of the rest.

Sabbath is the first of several “Disconnected” product and service concepts I am working on in 2019.

Visa Go!
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The Brief:
Make Visa the preferred payment method over others at the point of sale. 

I was digital product design director on the team that created a series of strategic programs to make Visa the preferred payment method over cash at the point of sale. 

This project included looking at how Visa can provide compelling online, point of sale and socially oriented
services and experiences that would make the consumer choose Visa. 

The example is below is one of the programs. 

Research Insight: 
Selecting your payment option at point-of-sale is more habit than conscious choice, making it very difficult to change. in Visa World of Change I considered how we might we turn everyday transactions into socially rewarding actions.

Visa World of Change

With every transaction, cardholders donate one penny to a cause they care about. As people around the world join in, pennies add up to big changes, giving cardholders a real reason to use Visa over cash.

Purchase Funnel: Focus on point of transaction
Channels: Targeted point of sale placements and social networks
MCC’s: Inclusive of all categories •Global: Identify charity with global appeal and tailor executions and communication channels based on countries digital lifestyle
POS Considerations: Core to the idea, advertising will focus on POP placements to drive Visa preference at the final step of the transaction

1. Visa kicks off World of Change by contributing $1 million (in line with FY09 levels) to five charities it already supports.
2. Initially, Visa partners with it’s the top issuer in each of the five markets.
3. Visa/AKQA promotes the program through PR and recruits cardholders with advertising and direct mail.
4. Cardholders join the program by registering their Visa card with the issuer and choosing a favorite cause.
5. POS signage reminds cardholders to use the card over cash and competitors. Each month the issuer adds a penny per transaction to the cardholder’s bill and forwards the total to the designated charity.
6. Issuers forward contribution data to Visa for display on the World of Change site.
7. Cardholders recruit friends through social networks and track progress online.
8. As the program grows, Visa partners with other issuers.

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