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Emene is a system for a global ngo that deals with food, sash and supply distribution to countries experiencing famine and civil crisis.  Emene is an ecosystem that allows the ngo to conduct client relationship management, service and supply deployment to regions in crisis, and overall measurement, evaluation.  

The entire system is comprised of a desktop web service that shows program analytics, an android tablet application experience used for large scale client registration and crisis deployment and an android mobile application that allows for remote, ongoing client data collection and supply distribution.

Emene aka; Xindicate is a white label measurement & evaluation system for Global Aid providers.  This service and digital system enables field staff of egos to enroll aid participants, distribute goods, money and services, track where aid is most needed, record activity, send metrics and evaluate program metrics. 

This product launched in 2017 for use in Central Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo as a beta pilot for Food for the Hungry in cooperation with USAID global NGOs.

The second version of this product will launch in 2019 in Guatemala and Venezuela. 

Role:  Service design, visual design, interaction design