Happiness Project SF

The Happiness Project is a crowd-sourced, interactive installation that takes place in different locations throughout the Bay Area.

Through a series of posters, flyers, online ads, and social media the public is asked to contribute works of art, words of encouragement and positive affirmations to make others happy. You can submit via an online form at the thehappinessprojectsf.com or by using the hashtag #thehappinessprojectsf on Instagram or twitter.

Upon submission of photos or written short messages, those who chose to give their email address will be invited to the next impromptu site-specific projection for a gathering.  They will see their words or art projected on a massive screen. Submissions are screened to ensure the content fits with the mission of the project.

The Happiness project will be launching Summer of 2019 and run in select locations.

In a world filled with division, the happiness project seeks to bring others together to share simple, everyday joy and if only for a moment, make the day a little brighter and spark unexpected magic.#happinessprojectSF